About Bayview

Bayview Research LobbyHere at Bayview Research Group (BRG), we think of our patients as everyday heroes, paving the way for new and advanced treatment options. We are a research center of excellence that prides itself in providing comprehensive healthcare through conducting safe and ethical clinical trials. All studies are carefully selected in regards to our patients’ needs and safety.

Located in Los Angeles, we have managed more than 200+ clinical trials over the past 12 years.


Our team consists of highly experienced investigators with significant advanced research training. BRG’s physicians have more than 20 years of experience within their respective fields.

Our dedicated clinical research staff are trained with an emphasis on patient well-being while maintaining the utmost attention to safety and good clinical practice. We’re sensitive to personal and confidentiality issues.

Our vision at BRG begins with a commitment to raising the standard of healthcare through patient-focused clinical research. Through this unique setting, our physicians provide extra care to patients.

DSC_0311-webClinical research enables us to go above and beyond the typical level of care seen in doctors’ offices and managed care organizations; allowing us to provide our patients with optimal treatment options.

We are proud to provide exemplary service to all patients, including those who are otherwise unable to afford it. Our approach supports a more comprehensive, satisfying experience, which benefits patients, practicing physicians, and the community.